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Tom Heasley

Ambient Tuba

Composer, Tuba, Didjeridu, Voice, Loops, Electronics


Tom's CDs and videos



For Bookings, Commissions, Collaborations, Licensing for Film, TV or Dance, or to communicate with Tom:

Tom Heasley
9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 125
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
323-481-1366 phone/fax


Hi-resolution photo available for download at:



Tom is excited to be involved in a new Duo project and upcoming CD release with Anastasios ‘Toss’ Panos on drums.  It has been dubbed “The new Drum and Bass” by one listener, and was collaboratively composed in Studio Tossimo by Tom and Toss in December of 2006.  These recordings present Tom’s work in an entirely new context and he is quite excited about this release.  Look for its release this Spring on Tom’s own new……………Full Bleed Records!  Tom is heading back to London in 2007, at the invitation of Mixmaster Morris/The Irresistible Force.

Tuba Mirrors

I commissioned a piece from Dan Lentz over 20 years ago that was recently completed and delivered.  Over the years, ‘Tuba Mirrors’ evolved into one of his ‘musical paintings’, some of which are on display at  The photographs at his web site don’t begin to do justice to the beauty of these ‘paintings’.