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"Gorgeous, very uplifting with deep perspective...the grain and personality of the tuba (and its player) add a feeling of slight fragility and an edge...”  - David Toop

"I love Tom's music; if you don't go to hear him when ya can, well.....your loss!”  - David Torn / splattercell

"Tom's music lends itself to evoking deep meditative states of awareness.”  - Ramon Sender, Composer

"…a rich and sonorous aural experience that flies in the face of all the dumb clichés about what tuba music is.”  - Richard Zvonar, Ph.D.

"…In a rare pattern, I have actually listened to the CD three times! That may not mean much to you but for me that is a big deal - when I often barely listen one time through. So that tells me your CD definitely has lots to offer.”  - Stuart Dempster, sound gatherer/composer/trombonist (Deep Listening Band)/professor emeritus, Washington State University

"I've listened to it three times now and liked it more each time. Especially 'Monterey Bay' is some of the best 'ambient' music I have ever heard. I will, of course, order a copy for our library and [recommend it to] my students. How much of what is on the CD can be done live?”  - John Turk, tuba soloist/professor, Youngstown State University
NOTE: All four pieces on 'Where the Earth Meets the Sky' were performed live - and spontaneously composed - in the studio with no overdubs. - TH

"I just finished listening to "Where the Earth Meets the Sky  - out on my deck, watching the sun set over the mountains, and now know that even a tuba can spill magic into the night air.”  - SK, Golden, CO

"The sounds totally consume you, transporting the listener to some other reality.”  - Shawn Atkins, filmmaker, NYC

"…a mesmerizing wonder of deep echoed atmospherics.”  - David Beardsley, Downtown Music Gallery (NYC)

"The music…was so transporting. I listened over and over. You're definitely onto a great thing here, no mistake about whose music this might be! [signed] …A Ravenous Fan!”  - Anne LeBaron, composer/harpist/teacher/author

"This CD transcends the curiosity factor of its odd instrumentation, and stands as a strong meditative statement, immersing the listener so deeply, that one never thinks of an oompah band.”  - Jeff Towne, New Age Voice

"Rich and powerful…long delays and reverbs give the ear a chance to grasp the nuances of your overtone work and textural details.”  - Gerry Hemingway, drummer/composer

"It really was ravishingly beautiful and meditative.”  - Sherry Goodman, Director of Education Programs, UC Berkeley Art Museum

"Tom Heasley's mesmerizing bit of loop-based, ambient tuba playing brought an ethereal beauty from the underrated instrument.”  - Joseph Woodard, LA Times

"Anyone who enjoyed the "Deep Listening  - releases will love this one…Clearly this guy has chops…[This] is one ambitious work, wonderfully produced by the artist. It's already a Hypnos fave…It just might be the most singular CD in the Hypnos catalog, and well worth investigating.”  - Gordon Danis, attorney, Eastchester, NY

"Tom Heasley is almost certainly a new name for most Hypnos listeners. Tom is a classically-trained tubist with a widely varied musical background - free jazz and a great range of experimental work in addition to more conventional music. Robert Rich, who mastered the recording of tuba atmospheres brought it to my attention and thought it would be a great Hypnos recording. Robert was right! Once I got over the issue of "tuba?!  - I quickly saw what Robert saw in the recording - a deep, restrained, sonorous richness, and a very nice divergence from the usual "synths and samplers  - sonic palette common to our genre. Put aside any preconceptions you may have about the tuba as an unlikely instrument for beautiful, restrained ambience.”  - Mike Griffin, Hypnos founder

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